Earning Points

These are the four major sources of reward points

Earning points from Credit cards 

Credit cards are a good way to rack up points with your everyday spending.

Amex cards generally earn you more points than Visa, MasterCard or other types of credit cards for the same $ spent.

Credit cards offer fantastic bonus points for signing up as a new customer.

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Some cards may be particularly good at earning points on certain airlines; we will provide more info on this aspect in the coming months.

Earning points by booking travel

When booking your flights directly with airlines or through a travel agent, you will earn the same amount of airline reward points.
Airlines sometimes partner with cruise lines or cruise agents which allow you to earn airline points for booking cruises.

Hotels always offer reward points if you book through them directly, but sometimes don’t offer the points if you book at a discounted rate with third parties.

Earning points by Retail Shopping

When you pay cash for your purchases, you are throwing away potential points! You can put almost anything these days on your credit card. Groceries, petrol, dining, phone, utilities, gym membership and even buying and selling your home.

Use retailers who partner with airlines and allow you to transfer your reward points to the airlines. Reward points are worth the most when booking flights. For example:

  • 100k Coles Flybuy points = $500 with Coles
  • 100k Coles Flybuy points = 87,500 velocity points (often they offer 15% during a promotion, then you get 100,625 velocity points), it’s more than an international return flight valued at more than $1000.
  • Your point value is worth even more when spent on Business or first class flights.


Earning points by Foreign Exchange:

Amex offers points when you buy foreign currency with them and their exchange rates are generally better than the banks.

As of today: You can buy foreign currency after setting up a registration with amex. You can earn 1 reward point for every AU$15 worth of Foreign exchange bought which will be credited to your Personal Amex rewards account.