Points Advisor Services

Our Story

Introducing PointsAdvisor, the latest venture from FirstClass.com.au, a renowned luxury travel agency in Australia. With a strong track record since 2003, led by the visionary founder Tina Tong, PointsAdvisor emerged from her personal revelation about maximizing the value of American Express points for luxurious travel experiences. Read More

What We Do

We help travellers maximise their points-earning capacity and the value of those hard-earned points when securing and redeeming points for award flights in first and business class and deliver extraordinary travel experiences.

Who Can We Help

  • Individuals who do not understand the value of award points, and those who missed the opportunities to maximise their points earning capacity
  • Frequent flyers who have earned a substantial amount of points but struggle to find available award flights.
  • Busy individuals who want to save time by avoiding the hassle of searching for award tickets
  • Travellers in need of comprehensive travel management, including those flying First Class or Business Class.
  • Businesses seeking tactics to transform their multimillion-dollar expenditures into first class air travel and incentive rewards.

Points Advisory Information & Services

  • Points-earning: Unlock your points-earning potential and redeem for first and business class flights, as well as unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experiences!
  • Points Health Check: Receive a 30-minute consultation with a points expert who will provide personalized advice on how to earn and use points more effectively. This service is designed for individual travellers with annual points redemption portfolio of less than 1 million airline points.
  • Corporate Points Advisory Service: Turn multimillion-dollar expenses into first class seats and incentive rewards. We cater for small to large corporations with a turnover from 1-100 million and beyond. Corporate Points Advisory Service Request Form.
  • Points redemption: We work hard, so you travel further by finding the best award flights for the least amount of points.
  • Award Flights Availability Calendar: The magic tool you have been waiting for! For frustrated Qantas points owners, our platform will provide an easy-to-use calendar that displays award flight availability across multiple airline redemption programs in first or business class, for silver members or higher.
  • Award Flights Alert: Award flights in first and business class is a rare commodity. we only offer this service to Diamond Members, so you will be the first to know if your desired flights are available, and hopefully grab them before they disappear.
  • Points Calculator: Helps you calculate the number of points required for your next premium cabin. Works seamlessly across multiple airline redemption programs. Knowledge at your finger tips—find which airline requires the least points for the same flight your desire.
  • Points Advisor Forum: Coming soon, our Points Advisor Forum will provide a platform for learning and sharing information with other points users, allowing you to expand your knowledge and make the most of your points.
  • Dedicated Website and Newsletters: Our website and newsletters offer daily updates, including news on current offers for earning and using points, as well as advice on maximizing your points and redeeming them for rewards.
  • Regular Updates: Stay informed with our subscription service, which provides regular news updates, current offers, and valuable points advice.

Points Advisor Membership

In response to high demand, we are pleased to introduce a membership package which provides a more personalised experience, offering a range of exclusive benefits, including;

  • A dedicated points advisor to assist you with all your needs
  • Complimentary points health check to optimize your rewards
  • Reduced redemption booking fees and search fees for a more cost-effective experience
  • Access to all our guides, tools, except award availability engine where it’s your advisor’s job to find your desirable award flights
  • Priority access to new offers and available awards, ensuring you are always among the first to know
  • Exclusive news and information to keep you informed about the latest developments in the rewards program.

This service is for individual travellers. For corporate travellers, please refer to our Corporate Points Advisory Service.

Fee Structure

Typically our redemption service for a one way flight from Australia to Europe is $275, in Business Class, and $375 in First Class, or $385 for return Business Class flights, and $585 for return First Class flights. If you only have Qantas points, there’s surcharge of 15% due to the difficulties in finding class award flights.  
Points Advisor DFY members get 10% of our service fees. 

These are quoted for one stop flights on a single ticket, on one redemption platform. The prices will vary depending on your destination, routing, the complexity of the booking.

DIY Service

Are you exhausted from spending endless hours searching for flights every day? Let us take care of that for you, allowing you to focus on the activities you enjoy.

Currently under development: DIY Service is a new subscription-based solution that will enable travellers to search for award flights and flight availability. Online training courses will be available to help travellers get the most out of this new feature.

Click here to see the full list of DIY tools.