Points Advisor Service FAQs


Q. Do the general public and Points Advisor have access to the same award flight inventory?

Yes. However, our Points Advisors use creative strategies to search across multiple platforms to find the best solutions for your needs quickly and efficiently. We do this by continuously searching for availability on major airlines and routes, this process enables us to isolate rare and difficult to find flights on platforms like Qantas. We differ from other redemption platforms which require you to call to secure flights not available online.

Q. What are the costs to locate and secure a redemption flight on my behalf?

View our pricing structure, our redemption service start from $225. Points Advisor DFY members get 10% of our service fees. 

Q. How are points redeemed for flights and why do you need access to my account?

Airlines require award flights to be booked either via the loyalty member’s online account or through phone reservation. To book award flights on your behalf, we require authorised access to your account. Please be assured that we prioritise the security and confidentiality of your information. Points will be deducted from your loyalty membership account, and any relevant taxes will be directly charged to your card by the airline. Following the completion of our redemption service, we advise changing your password to enhance security.

Q. I’m confident in handling the redemption process independently. Can I opt for the search-only service, and what are the associated costs?

View our pricing structure, our redemption service start from $225.

No Success, No fee! A finder fee will be charged before we commence our multiple redemption platform search. If we are unable to find a flight to your liking we will refund your fees.

Additional charges may apply for flights with multiple stops or require multiple platforms for a one-way journey. Award availability is subject to change at any time; if upon receiving flight availability no action is taken and flights become unavailable within one hour, we will provide a complimentary second search. Please note, our fee is non-refundable after two searches.

Points Advisor DFY members receive a 10% discount on our service fees.

Q. Why search and redemption fees charged per person?

Finding award flight availability becomes progressively more challenging and time-consuming when two or more individuals are travelling together; the greater the group size the more challenging. Preferences, schedules, and requirements for each traveller must be carefully considered and coordinated. Consequently, search or redemption fees are charged per person to accommodate the additional effort and resources necessary to secure suitable options for each member of the group.

Q. Will you service my booking after the redemption flight is completed?

Following the completion of the redemption flight, ongoing servicing of the booking is not provided. Any flight schedule changes or cancellations will be directly communicated to you by the airlines. However, as a part of our service, we do extend assistance with seat allocation or wheelchair requests. Should you require further assistance or have any concerns, we are readily available to offer guidance and support. Please note that additional service fees may apply.

Q. What steps should I take if the airline cancels or modifies my booking?

In the event of your booking being cancelled or altered by the airline, we recommend reaching out to the airline promptly for assistance. Since the bookings are issued by the airline under your account, we are unable to make alterations or manage them. The airline’s customer service team will offer the essential support and guidance to address any cancellations or schedule adjustments. If you need additional assistance or have concerns, we’re here to offer guidance and support throughout the process. Please note that additional service fees may apply.

Q.  Can I cancel or change my redemption flights?

Certainly! If you need to cancel or make changes to your redemption bookings. When cancelling, the airlines will refund the points and taxes, minus any applicable cancellation fees, directly to your account. Our redemption service fee is non-refundable.

If you wish to make changes to your booking, the fees are determined by the fare rules set by the airline. In such cases, a new redemption service fee will apply if we assist you in finding available award flights on different dates.

Please note: Adjustments in points and taxes between your original ticket and the new one may occur and are charged or refunded by the airline.

Q. What is a Points Health Check, and why is it necessary?

A consultation lasts between 15 to 30 minutes and involves one of our point advisors providing tailored recommendations to help you earn more points based on your spending habits, point-earning potential, and travel preferences. Additionally, you’ll receive guidance on how to effectively utilise your points to maximise their value. As a benefit, all Points Advisor DFY members receive a complimentary Points Health Check.

Q. What are the award flights cancellation and amendment fees?

It varies from airline to airline.
PointsAdvisor redemption or search service fee is not refundable.

Q. Can land activities, cruises or holiday packages be booked?

Absolutely! As a fully licensed travel agency specialising in luxury travel, we’re dedicated to helping you plan your dream vacation. Our comprehensive services encompass flights and accommodations, cruises, land activities, holiday packages, tours, rail travel, group and charter arrangements, travel insurance, and more. We’re eager to assist you in crafting a memorable and seamless travel experience, leveraging your award points whenever possible. Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance or inquiries – we’re here to help!

Q. Can cash flights also be booked?

Certainly! As the sole IATA-accredited travel agency specialising in First and Business Class travel, we possess the expertise and insight to assist you in booking cash flights when award flight options are limited. We recognize the significance of providing First and Business Class travellers with the flexibility to consider both points and cash alternatives.

Our seasoned flight consultants are equipped to offer comprehensive support and advice to help you select the optimal flight options tailored to your preferences and needs. Whether you opt to book with points or pay with cash, our priority is to ensure you’re equipped with all the necessary information before finalising your decision. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with booking your cash flights – we’re here to help!


Q. Am I eligible for limousine transfer services with Emirates when booking Emirates flights using Qantas points?

Chauffeur-drive service is not offered for reward tickets booked through Emirates Skywards airline partners when flying with Emirates.