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Flight Case Studies

Book Business Class flights from Salvador to Bergen and Hotels in Bergen

Booked 23Feb, 19
For Travel 15March, 19


From To Class
Salvador Bergen Business Class

Points Options
The only two airlines flying direct from Salvador to Europe are

UX – Air Europa Salvador Madrid, skyteam carrier
TP – Tap Portugal Salvador Lisbon, Star alliance carrier

Both not available with points
Cash options with the least stops and cheapest options
Cheaper to buy flights from Salvador to another European city via Madrid in business, plus a direct flight to Bergen.
Going via Munich maybe the cheapest option, but the difference in airfares is not significant, you can choose to stopover at your preferred city.

Airline From Via
UX – Air Europa Salvador Madrid

To Business Class Airline
Amsterdam US$1166+tax KL/KLM
Munich US$1098+tax WF/WIDEROE
Gatwick US$1121+tax SK/Scandinavian airlines

Plus Direct Flight

From To Economy
Amsterdam Bergen £250
Munich Bergen £80
Gatwick Bergen £120

*Gatwick, there’re cheaper options but flight not connecting well

Cheaper to buy flights from Salvador to another European city via Lisbon in business, plus a direct flight to Bergen.
I used the Gatwick option, total cost is similar as via Manchester, but Manchester connection is bit too short (1.5hours, ok if you only have carry-on luggage).

Airline From Via
TP – Tap Portugal Salvador Lisbon

From Business Class Airline
Gatwick US$990+tax SK/Scandinavian airlines
Manchester US$1090+tax SK/Scandinavian airlines
Amsterdam US$1090+tax KL/KLM
Copenhagen US$1411+tax SK/Scandinavian airlines
Oslo US$1523+tax Various Airlines

Plus Direct Flight

From To Economy
Gatwick Bergen £120
Manchester Bergen £100
Manchester Bergen £250
Amsterdam Bergen £250
Copenhagen Bergen cheap airfare Oslo – Bergen

*Copenhagen, there’re cheaper flights but not connecting with Tap flights from Lisbon

Hotel in Bergen
I found the best rates are on Norweigian site after you book the flights, its enginned by, but travellers who booked flights get additional discounts.
I compared options on Trivago