New Airline Partners for American Express: Qatar & Hawaiian Airlines

American Express has recently formed partnerships with Qatar Airways and Hawaiian Airlines in Australia, bringing two fantastic opportunities for cardholders to enhance their travel experiences.

With this new collaboration, American Express cardholders can now convert their Membership Rewards points to Avios with Qatar Airways at a rate of 2 MR to 1 Avios, and to Hawaiian miles at a rate of 2 MR to 1 Hawaiian mile. This means that you have even more options to explore and reach your desired destinations using your American Express points.

The Qatar Airways deal is already in effect, starting from August, while the partnership with Hawaiian Airlines will come into effect in October. These partnerships provide a wonderful opportunity for travelers to maximize the value of their American Express points and unlock a world of possibilities.

Whether you dream of exploring the vibrant cities and cultural gems served by Qatar Airways, or you’re longing for a tropical getaway to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands with Hawaiian Airlines, these partnerships offer you the chance to make your travel aspirations a reality.

So, with American Express points, you now have the ability to reach more destinations than ever before. Start planning your next adventure and take advantage of these incredible opportunities to make the most of your points.

Qatar Promotional Transfer

Until the 18th of August, American Express cardholders can enjoy a fantastic promotion when transferring their points to Qatar Airways. During this limited-time offer, you will receive a 20% bonus on Avios for points transferred to the newly partnered Qatar Airlines.

This promotion presents an incredible opportunity for those planning to use Avios for travel within Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. With the bonus Avios, you’ll have even more value to explore the diverse destinations and cultures that Qatar Airways serves.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer. Transfer your American Express points to Avios and unlock a world of possibilities for your upcoming travels within Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. Start planning your journey today and take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Safe travels!