Qantas Adds 20 Million More Rewards Seats with Classic Plus

Qantas Frequent Flyers are set to enjoy unprecedented access to over 20 million additional reward seats with the introduction of Classic Plus Flight Rewards.

This initiative marks one of the most significant expansions in the 35-year history of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, significantly enhancing travel accessibility to popular destinations such as London, Tokyo, New York, and Singapore using Qantas Points, even during peak periods.

While Classic Plus reward seats typically necessitate more points than the existing Classic reward seats, they offer exceptional value within the frequent flyer program, boasting substantially broader availability. Moreover, Classic Plus reward seats are eligible for upgrades.

The points required to secure Classic Plus reward seats will fluctuate akin to regular airfares, meaning they will be lower during off-peak periods or when booked in advance, and higher during peak periods. Furthermore, during sales and promotions, Classic Plus reward seats may even fall below the points required for a Classic reward seat on the same route.

Effective immediately, Classic Plus reward seats can be reserved on Qantas international flights departing from Australia for travel commencing from 1 July 2024, exclusively through Subsequently, this offering will be extended across the remainder of the airline’s international and domestic network on Qantas-operated flights by year-end.

Upon full implementation across the international and domestic network by the end of calendar year 2024, Classic Plus will grant members access to 20 million new reward seats within the rolling 12-month booking window, ensuring a consistent level of availability moving forward.

Vanessa Hudson, CEO of the Qantas Group, emphasised that frequent flyers now have more avenues than ever to accumulate points, with the introduction of this new flight reward option enhancing the value proposition for those looking to leverage their expanding points balances for travel purposes.

Andrew Glance, CEO of Qantas Loyalty, highlighted the significance of the widespread availability of Classic Plus, offering members greater flexibility in flight options across all cabin classes and destinations within the Qantas network.

In addition to the introduction of Classic Plus, Qantas remains committed to offering over 5 million existing Classic reward seats across Qantas, Jetstar, and its 45 partner airlines, maintaining consistent points requirements since 2019.

The airline’s commitment to enhancing the frequent flyer program includes a $60 million investment this financial year, with recent initiatives such as the addition of 6,000 new premium Classic reward seats to Europe during peak travel periods.

Classic Plus and Classic Reward Seat Fact Sheet

For more information and schedule fare differences between Classic and Classic Plus you can click here to read the full article on the Qantas website.